Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry

CAGI's Secretariat

CAGI's Secretariat is staffed by two full time officers and a consultant adviser who performs the duties of CAGI's Executive Director. In addition to these staff persons, CAGI draws on the expertise of other resource persons and trainers from its member companies as well as other agencies in the private and public corporate sectors.

CAGI's Consultant Adviser / Executive Director

Samuel Jerry Goolsarran is Consultant Adviser of the Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry Ltd (CAGI) with responsibility as its Executive Director. He is retired Senior Specialist on Industrial Relations and Labour Administration at the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), Subregional Office for the Caribbean, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Prior to his appointment with the ILO, he was the Deputy Programme Manager, Labour and Manpower Development at the CARICOM Secretariat, and Personnel and Industrial Relations Manager at the Guyana State Corporation. He also served as the Senior Associate Lecturer in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at the University of Guyana. He holds a Masters degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from the University of London (LSE), and a general Arts Degree from the University of Guyana.

He is the author of several papers and publications, including:

The Consultant Adviser’s responsibilities on behalf and for employers include:

  • A participatory role in policy formulation to influence national labour policy including labour legislation, wage fixing, codes of practice, and social policy which can contribute to the improvement of efficiency and higher productivity;
  • An advisory service for the promotion and development of sound labour and industrial relations policies and practices including occupational safety and health for improved labour relations and the working environment, and human resource development;
  • Research findings, and information on developments and trends in labour-management relations;
  • Professional consultancy services on employment relations and the management of human resources;
  • Assistance in dispute settlement and representation before labour administration institutions;
  • An advocate and voice for employers on national labour policy, legislation, and international labour standards;
  • Provide opportunities for the general training and development of enterprise staff especially personnel practitioners in personnel management skills;
  • Serve as a resource person and training facilitator on labour and industrial relations matters;
  • Serve as a representative at national tripartite bodies in involving government an the social partners in the consultative processes,
  • Serve as representative of employers(CAGI) on relevant national institutions including the National Insurance Appeals Tribunal; and
  • Maintaining and fostering relations and representation at CARICOM and the ILO levels at meetings, national and international meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Other Staff

Bibi Shimoon Ramchan

Secretary, Administrative Assistant and Training Co-ordinator 

Quentin Campion

Office Support Assistant