Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry

CAGI’s Training Programme

Training Policy

Staff Training and development interventions are essential requirements for the successful operations and maintenance of viable enterprises. Such training interventions are designed to:

  • ensure that business enterprises have competent and well trained staff for their various operations and services;
  • develop staff capabilities to meet current and future demands relating to their job responsibilities; and
  • provide the opportunities for personal growth and career development in the business enterprise.

Successful maintenance of strong business enterprises depend upon:

  • the transference of knowledge, skills and attitude of currently serving employees to future ones at all levels;
  • acquisition of new knowledge, skills and attitudes as changes in the line of business operations, new technologies, and other conditions demand; and
  • positive changes in work ethic and job behaviour of employees in business enterprises.

Training is the systematic development of:

Knowledge: what the employee needs to know,
Skills: the expertise that the employee needs and uses to achieve results, and effective use of knowledge,
Attitudes: the disposition of employees to behave or perform in accordance with the requirements of their work.

Why staff development training?

The private and public sector enterprises, the economy, and industry require adequately trained technical, supervisory, managerial, and professional staff with the ability for independent thought and creativity, analytical and problem-solving skills and initiative.

Middle and senior level managers will require broader training and knowledge to cope with new developments and the changing demands of the business environment and their impact on the enterprise. Staff development initiatives aim at improvement of supervisory and managerial skills, preparation for greater responsibility, and developing top leadership skills.

It is not enough to leave staff training and development to chance or trial and error in a changing business and working environment. Leaving staff development to random events or to staff themselves is simply not done in well run enterprises. While it is part of the corporate responsibility of employers to provide and facilitate staff training and development opportunities, it is equally the responsibility of employees to seek to develop themselves for greater efficiency on the job for mutual benefit.

Training Programme 

CAGI, in consultation with human resource managers and trainers, has revised its training programme, and is offering the following training courses, to be delivered by a core of able and experienced trainers. Our training programme includes the following training courses, some of which are scheduled for groups of companies, while others are delivered on request in-company.

  1. 1.    Positive Image of the Enterprise and Improved Customer Services
  2. 2.    Staff Performance Appraisal Reviews
  3. 3.    Administrative and Secretarial Support
  4. 4.    Supervisory Management Development
  5. 5.    Occupational Safety and Health at the Workplace
  6. 6.    Skills in Negotiations and Conflict Management
  7. 7.    Effective Inventory Management
  8. 8.    Enhancing Managerial Capacity in Knowledge and Skills
  9. 9.    Attractive Marketing and Sales Strategies
  10. 10.  The Practice of Human Resource Management
  11. 11.  The National System of Industrial Relations
  12. 12.  Productivity Improvement
  13. 13.  Leadership Skills
  14. 14.  How to be a Successful Manager
  15. 15.  Financial management for non-accountant managers
  16. 16.  Approaches and Techniques in Internal Auditing
  17. 17. Employment Obligations
  18. 18. The Impact of Leadership on Management
  19. 19. Enterprise Training Staff Development
  20. 20. Essential Skills in Human Resource Management.
  21. 21. Management for the 21st Century
  22. 22. Programmes and Systems Coordination
  23. 23. Delegation and Control
  24. 24. Project and Systems Coordination
  25. 25. Strategic Management
  26. 26. Crisis Management
  27. 27. Basic Networking
  28. 28. Needs Assessment
  29. 29. Front Line Staff Training
  30. 30. Report Writing for Action
  31. 31. Overcoming Networking Problems

Apart from the above multi-enterprises courses, CAGI offers tailor-made courses for individual enterprises at internal or external venues.

Download our Training Programme.pdf to view complete course descriptions and prices.